When we are done reading the book we will be watching the movie version of the book by Walden Media.

Get a sneak peak at the movie by watching the video preview link, click here to watch.

BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA STUDENT STUDY GUIDE, click to download as a pdf file below, .

Facebook ProjectDue

You will be responsible for creating a Facebook page for your favorite character in the book. Follow the directions below:

CONSIDER THESE QUESTIONS TO GET YOU INTO THE MINDSET OF THE CHARACTERS (must answer these in your writer's notebook before creating the fakebook page):
1. How does the character talk? Do they talk a lot? Loudly? Softly? Properly? Use slang words?
2. How old is the character?
3. What are the character's interests/hobbies>
4. How do they view their life?
5. What is the character often thinking about?
6. What does the character dream about?
7. What does the character wish for?

AFTER YOU HAVE WRITTEN YOUR FIRST DRAFT...REVISE:- Reread each journal entry slowly and carefully. Ask yourself the following questions:
-Does the journal entry flow well? Is it easy to read?
-Does the journal entry answer the prompt questions?
-Does the journal entry support the answers to the prompt questions from the novel and the internet?
- Have I checked each journal entry for misspelled words?
- Are all my sentences, singular I's and proper nouns capitalized?
- Do all my sentences have proper end punctuation?
Create your own FACEBOOK and Twitter page based on your favorite character in the book. Guide yourself with one of the journal entries you created for the character analysis project.
  1. Down load this file and get started with your draft - when these are approved by Ms. Diaz you may go to the next step.

Twitter ProjectDue