What is an International Classroom Economy? A classroom system used to promote and encourage student success and financial responsibility, while learning aspects of how our economy functions.
When will the Classroom Economy start and end? It will be introduced and start the first month of school and continue until the end of the year.
What are Decision Dollars? Decision Dollars are equal to money with different monetary values from $5.00 - $100. Decision Dollars are earned in our classroom by:
  • Showing perfect behavior
  • Completing 100% of your homework
  • Organizations of desks, journals and notebooks
  • Successfully carrying out your weekly job...
  • Bonuses will be distributed for great organizational skills and academic. See the Bonus Chart here...
Unfortunately, for those students do not respect class rules, carry out their jobs with integrity, and who make decisions that waste the class' learning time there will be consequences in the form of fines. For example, if you are caught with a messy desk or Travelogue Binder, you will be charged a fee, you may see our Fines Chart here... But if you do EVERYTHING you will earn bonuses and increase your income in order to spend your Decision Dollars on things like holiday parties and no homework passes...
Students will earn International Decisions Dollars by completing students jobs, showing responsibility, having a positive attitude, and so forth.
On Fridays, students fill out a Budget Log (, which categorizes the earnings shown above, and they get paid for what they've earned and will place these in their money bags inside their Travelogue Binder. (Check receipt here).

SAVING Students can save up for things such as a class party, lunch with the teacher, indoor recess, skipping the morning Do Now, a good note home, field trips, and other prizes. (View our rewards poster here).
RESPONSIBILITY From this system, students learn responsibility lessons. They learn to keep track of their money, and not to lose it. They learn how to save instead of spending it all at once. They also learn the value of earning money instead of just being given things for free. They take more pride in their work, behavior and in taking responsibility for their actions.
What if I don't have my homework on the day it's due, but I bring it the next day? In order to earn money, you must bring in all homework on the day it's due. If there's an "Extreme Emergency" in your family and your parents explain it in a note, that's the only time I'd allow you to get paid for a late assignment.
What if there are two assignments due (math and spelling, for example), and I only have one subject done? Do I get half the payment? No, you must bring in every assignment on the day it's due in order to receive a bonus at the end of the week. There are no half payments.
How will you know if m y desk and binder are clean every day? Will you be checking daily? No, I will not check daily, but will do occasional "surprise desk and binder checks." There will be students assigned to check binders weekly, but I reserve the right to check them at any time.
Can we give away the money we earn to help others earn something they want? Or can some of my friends and I put our money together for a party for the whole class?Although that is a very nice thought, you may only spend the money that you earn. The point of the International Classroom Economy is learn the value of earning and saving money yourself, as us adults do in the real world. Unfortunately, there is no combining or giving away money in our International Classroom Economy.
When can we trade our money for prizes?You may trade in your money during the last 10 minutes of the last Friday of each month. This is also a great time to change those 10s for 50s, and 20s for 100s, etc....
Will you ever take the money away from us?No, I won't take money earned, but you might not get paid depending on the circumstances. If your behavior is not perfect you will lose $5.00 for the entire week when you fill out the receipt on Friday. If you don't do your homework, you'll lose $5.00 when you fill out the receipt on Friday. Same thing for organization, and your class job. So even though I'm not taking money away from you, you will not be earning any money either.
What if we lose our money? Will you give it back to us? No, if adults lose money, the bank does not give it back to them! We earn it, and must be responsible with it. If you put it in Passport Binder zipper pouch as soon as you get it, you won't have to worry about losing it! But if you're not responsible and organized with your money and you happen to lose it, you'll learn a valuable lesson.
If I'm absent will I still get paid for behavior, organization and homework?If you're absent, you'll still get paid for your behavior as long as it's perfect the rest of the week. You'll get paid for your homework as long as you make everything up by the end of the week. You'll get paid for your organization as long as your desk and binder are clean.